[Mono-osx] Mono WebBrowser on MAC OS X

Bogdan Daniel creatorulcom at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 04:20:51 EST 2010

Hello Guys,

After two days of searching and pulling my hair out, I decided to post here
as last chance for my current idea.
I have an app created in C# under .NET 2.0 and I need to port this on MAC OS
X. Unfortunately it contains a WebBrowser control which of course isnt
comptible. Maybe it works on linux but on MAC OS X I get that libgluezilla
is missing and as far as I researched there is no version for MAC.
I'm currently trying to rewrite it in MonoDevelop using GTK# 2.0 but I find
it difficult as I go.
I'm not able to use the WebBrowser inside GTK# 2.0 (not with MonoDevelop on
MAC Leopard and not even with windows version of Monodevelop on Windows xp).

This is my first time on mono and I find it a bit more difficult since there
is no WebBrowser control in the deisgner toolbox.
My question is:
1. Is there any way I can make the WebBrowser control work on MAC OS X ?
(maybe the webkit version ? )
2. What do I have to import in the references part to be able to use
Mono.WebBrowser ? ( I tried to use System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser but I
can't add that in a GTK# container)

The only backup plan I have for this is Java + SWT web browser .. but I
really want to keep things in .NET world.

Thanks for your help
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