[Mono-osx] NSDrawer Implementation

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Nov 4 22:28:15 EDT 2010

Hello Kenneth,

I have finished up the DrawerMadness sample but had to change the appkit
> sources locally to add the following:


All is working but was wondering about the prevailing thought on the
> Delegate classes VS Events and Delegates.  I have implemented it both ways
> just to see the difference myself and really can not decide.

When you use our generator, you will automatically get both.   Users that
choose to assign to the "Delegate" property will get the Objective-C model,
while users assigning to the events will get the C# model.

Look in the appkit.cs file for Types= and Events= in the [BaseType]
declarations, this is how you link classes to their delegate classes and
have the generator produce the events for you.

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