[Mono-osx] Stetic GUI designer for Mac OS?

Tomasz Muszyński thom at union.waw.pl
Wed Mar 3 18:41:10 EST 2010

Wiadomość napisana przez oernii w dniu 2010-03-03, o godz. 20:40:
> Thank's for the quick reply.
> I downloaded your tutorial and will have a look at it tomorrow.
>> Let me know what you think - and if you find any mistakes or shortcomings
> :-) 
> I think, I'm not be able to find any mistakes:-)
> I think the best way, to do it right, is to learn Objective-C. I hope it is
> not that hard;-)

I recommend You some lessons from Stanford University (available for free from iTunes Store) which explain basics of programming in Objective-C and iPhone - it will help You a lot. Even, if You will stay with Mono and don't make any code in Objective-C it's very helpful to know basics of this language to understand documentation.


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