[Mono-osx] Stetic GUI designer for Mac OS?

oernii info at lenfers-billerbeck.de
Wed Mar 3 13:38:37 EST 2010

Hi Joanna.

>Welcome to the clan of wannabe Mac programmers :-)

Thank you;-) Well this is a total different world to me.

>Don't even attempt to create either Winforms or Gtk apps for a Mac, they
don't look or feel right.

So this looks to me as the first hint to learn Objective-C, right?

>The normal way to develop the UI for a Mac app is to use the Interface
Builder tool that comes with the >Mac development tools, delivered free with
every Mac.

This is the Xcode environment, right?

>Yes, you can program in C#, using Mono and the Monobjc bridge to talk to
the wealth of Cocoa libraries >that you will need to create a "native"
looking app.
>Be warned that, although you will be using C# as a language, you will not
be able to use a great many >of the .NET library classes when dealing with a
Cocoa UI. You will find the Monobjc bridge framework is >the way to go and
that your code will end up resembling Objective-C, mainly due to the fact
that the >method names, although in C# syntax, will look unusual in their
signatures when compared with .NET >classes.

So this is the second advise to learn Objective-C:-)

>Of course, all your non-GUI classes can be written in pure .NET framework
C#, but do be aware that >one of the great powers of the Cocoa frameworks is
its binding mechanism, which requires every C# >class, to which you wish to
bind, to be marked with Monobjc attributes for them to visible to the Cocoa
>side of the Monobjc bridge.

At the moment I don't know, how all these things (C# developement in Mono,
Monoobj bridge, Cocoa framework) come together at least to build a running
application. Does that require building some parts of the app in Mono and
other parts in Xcode?
And if there is deffenitly no visual designer in Mono for building the UI
there is no need for me using mono. Especially if the result doesn't look
like native Mac apps.

To resume your post I think it would be the best to get startet learning
Objective-C, right?
Will my C# knowledge help me there? What is the best way to learn this new
language? Do you've got a link to get startet?

One thing at the end:
Can you confirm that there is no visual designer in Mono for building UI's
for Mac OS? I only want to know that because I searched a long time and
couldn't find a answer.

Thank you for your help.

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