[Mono-osx] CoreAudio bindings

Bart Masschelein masschel.others at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 14:55:31 EDT 2010


I was wondering if there is some bridge out there that wraps the OSX CoreAudio API for access from .NET, like Cocoa? I'm especially interested in MIDI support.

I know there is Monobjc, Mobjc, Cocoa#, Nobjective and the newly announced MonoMac, but my impression is that they focus especially on Cocoa and more popular libraries like WebKit, but I didn't see any that clearly states support for the CoreAudio library.

Anyone that knows of such an existence?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I asked the same question two weeks before on this list, but I didn't see it passing yet. I guess it's because I used another mail address than the one I use for the list subscription. Sorry for any double mail, if the other pops up.

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