[Mono-osx] Graphics related changes

Frank Krueger fak at kruegersystems.com
Sun Jul 4 21:22:48 EDT 2010

I neglected to actually add the diff file. Here it is.

On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 6:21 PM, Frank Krueger <fak at kruegersystems.com>wrote:

> Hello, I have modified MonoMac in the following ways:
> 1. I moved NSAffineTransform to Foundation and added the important
> functions. Previously it was in AppKit and lacked functions to actually
> manipulate the matrix.
> 2. Changed the path to CoreGraphics lib. The previous path did not work.
> New path suggested by Geoff Norton.
> 3. Changed NSGraphicsContext.GraphicsPort to return CGContext instead of
> IntPtr. This seems to be the correct way to get a CGContext and it works
> well.
> Thanks,
> -Frank
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