[Mono-osx] [ANN] Continuum 0.6 - Lightweight IDE for Mono

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 29 21:33:22 EST 2010

Continuum is a Cocoa IDE for Mono. Unlike most IDEs Continuum doesn't actually build projects. It instead relies on tools like make or nant. Here are a couple of screenshots:

Continuum can be downloaded from:

Continuum includes the following features:
* Auto-completion for C# code.
* Builds using make or nant.
* Customizable regex based syntax highlighting.
* Support for showing make and gmcs build errors.
* An sqlite database containing information about the types in each project's assemblies and the assemblies they reference.
* Context commands which operate on the selection using the database such as show short form or show derived classes.
* Flexible regex based searching of single files or directories.
* Customizable scripts to change selections.
* Customizable scripts to refactor C# code.
* Support for disassembling assemblies, types, and methods.
* Time Machine integration.
* Basic integrated svn support.
* Basic integrated file system support. 

The changes from 0.5 include:
* Documents (including new untitled documents) are now auto-saved every 10 seconds.
* (Shift)-option-tab now selects the previous or next identifier for all languages instead of just C#.
* gcc errors are now parsed so that the file with the error is opened and the offending line selected.
* Added a regex for c++ syntax highlighting.
* The XML language files now support an optional list of shebang tool names. If a file is opened that does not have an extension associated with a language the shebang will be used to associate a language with the file.
* Added shebangs for the python and shell languages.
* Updated the Search in Apple command so that it works with Apple's new organization.
* When creating a new text window the default typing style is now set according to the user's default text preferences.
* After opening a file from Time Machine that window's context menu will now have a disabled "Finding old Files" item until the worker thread finishes finding older versions of the file.
* Language regexen are stored in '~/Library/Application Support/Continuum' instead of the app bundle to make it easier for users to add custom languages.
* Added a button to the language globs panel to open the languages directory.

See the CHANGES file for a more complete list.

  -- Jesse

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