[Mono-osx] compiling mono for x86_64

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 21:17:25 EST 2010


Not sure if this is the forum for trivial questions like this.   I am using OSX snow leopard and my libraries are compiled with arch x86_64.   

In configuring mono, ./configure generates makefile that use -arch i386.   I saw a note in configure.in indicating snow leopard is broken in that does not identify itself correctly.   How can I get the configuration to use -arch x86_64.   Setting CFLAGS & CXXFLAGS caused the compile line to designate both (which does not work).    Running the compilation with the default -arch i386 is problematic as the dependent libraries are 64 bit.

BTW, this is the latest source from svn with LLVM enabled.


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