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kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Fri Dec 31 08:37:03 EST 2010


The reason the events were removed was because the delegates are not 
being generated correctly for ref type parameters.  This was the change 
that we discussed on the #monomac list about that.  It was better to 
remove the events until it was fixed and just override in the code for 
the [Export("datePickerCell:validateProposedDateValue:timeInterval:")]

As per the discussion yourself and Geoff decided it was a large change 
to implement ref parameters right now.  If that has changed let me know 
and I will change it in my program.

I am also thinking that the ref parameter type is the reason that the 
proposed date value is not being accepted as well when being overridden 
as per the original post.


On 12/31/10 2:30 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>     Attached is the sample solution as well as the diff patch that was
>     discussed on the #monomac irc list on the 18th of Dec.
> Is there a reason for removing the events from these classes?
> Miguel.
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