[Mono-osx] Using 'out' in bindings

Regan Sarwas rsarwas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 19:22:47 EST 2010

Despite the documentation in
http://monotouch.net/Documentation/Binding_New_Objective-C_Types it appears
the generator (pulled from github) is now capable of generating bindings for
methods with "out" parameters.  However it does not work correctly in all

I tried this on the following incorrect binding for NSGradient

    --- [Export ("getColor:location:atIndex:")]
    --- void GetColor (NSColor color, float location, int index);
    +++ [Export ("getColor:location:atIndex:")]
    +++ void GetColor (out NSColor color, out float location, int index);

The generator produced nearly correct code, however it added the the
following erroneous lines to the generated method.

    void ret;
    return ret;

Once those lines were removed from NSGradient.g.cs, the new binding worked
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