[Mono-osx] Core MIDI Bindings

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Dec 23 21:14:36 EST 2010

Hello Peter,

I'm working on a small Mono project for which I'll be using the Core MIDI
> framework. I've checked the maccore and monomac repositories, but I see no
> work on bindings for that framework.
> I'm in the middle of creating some bindings myself. Would this work be
> helpful to the monomac effort when I am done? If so, are there any special
> style guidelines or techniques I should use when I am creating the bindings.

Such a binding would be useful to the project, yes.

Since CoreMIDI is not an Objective-C API, but a C API, I suggest that you
model it after the maccore/CoreGraphics bindings.   The binding pattern will
be very similar.

For coding guidelines see:


Alternatively, if you post your code as-you-go, we can integrate, review,
and polish as you go along, which should be a lot simpler.

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