[Mono-osx] Adding Monomac capabilities to an existent project

Maxi Combina maxi.combina at passwordbank.com
Tue Dec 21 06:34:18 EST 2010


I am using MonoMac as the bindings to code C# under Mac OS X.
I am a newbie both with C# and the Mac API, but could already create
some simple App (something more than a Hello World) using MonoMac, and
even port some (small) part of the WebKit API.

However, now I am facing a problem, and found no solution to it: I
already have a big, pretty complex project in Monodevelop. I need to
port the UI of this project to Mac via MonoMac. Thus, I need to make
my project aware of MonoMac, I need the forms (I am talking about the
".xib" files), the Info.plist, and all the nice things that a new
MonoMac project automagically does for me.

How can I "add" these things to my project? In other words, how can I
make my existent project aware of MonoMac, and use it full

I also thought of doing this the other way around: creating a new
project using the MonoMac template solution, and manually port my
existent project. I do not prefer this solution, since the project is
quite big and complex.

Please let me know of any suggestions or ideas or more information if needed.

Maxi Combina
Tel: +34 902 760 111
C/ Constitucio, 3 Sant Just Desvern 08960 (Barcelona), SPAIN
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