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kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Fri Dec 3 00:15:50 EST 2010


Yes that is correct that those events will have to be propagated to all 
the derived delegate classes.  The apple documentation says as much:

/*An NSControl object posts the following notifications to interested 
observers and its delegate. Note that although the NSControl class 
defines delegate methods, it does not itself have a delegate. Any 
subclass that uses these methods must have a delegate and the methods to 
get and set it.*/

I missed this little tidbit when reading before.


On 12/2/10 9:42 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     Here is a diff that adds the delegates to the NSControl object.  
>     Am using them now with no problem so far.  Will be used in the
>     next sample sent.
> I take it this patch can be ignored, as the new one added this elsewhere.
> I am not sure that we can mix Delegates like this, because the derived 
> classes would just wipe out previous definitions, I think we are going 
> to have to propagate this sort of handler to all the derived delegate 
> classes.
> Miguel
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