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kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Thu Dec 2 02:04:57 EST 2010

Hello everyone.

Did not read thoroughly the documentation so my implementation of 
NSControl is wrong and will have to be changed as per the Apple 

An NSControl object posts the following notifications to interested 
observers and its delegate. Note that although the NSControl class 
defines delegate methods, it does not itself have a delegate. Any 
subclass that uses these methods must have a delegate and the methods to 
get and set it.

Will send a new update later.

Sorry about that


On 12/2/10 4:52 AM, kjpou wrote:
> Hello everyone
> Here is another sample for NSSearchField implementation.  I thought I 
> would do an easy one but that quickly vanished.
> After some head banging, some reading and a lot of cussing I finally 
> got it working.  Had to add some modification to the 
> NSTextFieldDelegate and added the delegate implementation to the 
> NSControl control.
> Now banging out one of these will take at most thirty minutes instead 
> of a couple of days.
> There is still one problem that I never worked out and instead had to 
> change the message signature from:
>         [Export 
> ("control:textView:completions:forPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem:"), 
> EventArgs ("NSControlTextFilter"), DefaultValue (null)]
>         string [] FilterCompletions (NSControl control, NSTextView 
> textView, string [] words, NSRange charRange, int index);
> To:
>         [Export 
> ("control:textView:completions:forPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem:"), 
> EventArgs ("NSControlTextFilter"), DefaultValue (null)]
>         NSArray FilterCompletions (NSControl control, NSTextView 
> textView, NSArray words, NSRange charRange, int index) ;
> If not modified this way there are messages about adding a MarshalAs 
> and am not quite sure what or why that was.  I did some grepping and 
> found a few of those in the source code where the methods are 
> commented out.
> Anyway without further ado you will find the Mono solution attached as 
> well as the diff to get it to work.
> Have a good day
> Kenneth
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