[Mono-osx] What about MonoMac is incompatible with WinForms?

Lee V. Andrus landrus2 at by-rite.net
Fri Aug 27 15:06:17 EDT 2010

Geoff North has commented "monomac is not compatible with winforms." (http://mono.1490590.n4.nabble.com/forum/PostLink.jtp?post=2315043&cid=1282782305467-769 
).  But why.  Is it the lack of calls to NSApplication.Init() and  
NSApplication.Main() mentioned later in that thread?  Or does the use  
of Cocoa interfere with the Carbon Driver receiving Carbon Events?

I ask because I am working on a Cocoa Driver for WinForms.  I  
currently use the MCocoa/MObjc bridge.  I have been considering  
switching to MonoMac because it has more official support and probably  
would be more acceptable as a dependency of WinForms.  But a  
fundamental incompatibility would ruin that move--and probably the  
whole idea.

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