[Mono-osx] Setting the Dock icon for a Mono application?

Tim Martin tim at asymptotic.co.uk
Thu Aug 5 09:47:29 EDT 2010


I have my application running successfully under Mono in OS X (thanks to 
Alexander Shulgin for his earlier help). My remaining problem is that 
whatever I do, the application icon that shows in the dock seems to be 
at the wrong resolution, and looks horribly re-scaled.

The original .Net project file points to a .ico file with the icon at 
various resolutions from 256x256 down to 16x16. I've subsequently tried 
pointing it at .ico files at various single resolutions (as high as 
600x600) and it always looks exactly the same, i.e. as if it has been 
scaled up from an icon half the size it needs.

Given that nothing I do seems to change the icon, I'm wondering if I'm 
altering the wrong thing. I imported the .csproj file into MonoDevelop 
and built from there, and I assumed that changes to the project file 
would be reflected in the build. For some reason I can't get at the 
setting directly from within MonoDevelop (I can't open the 'options' 
dialog for the project, which is where I assume the setting is), but 
I've edited the file in Visual Studio and re-opened it in MonoDevelop.

FWIW I'm using MonoDevelop 2.4 and Mono 2.6.4. Thanks for any suggestions.


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