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James Clancey james.clancey at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 23:42:10 EDT 2010

Ok take two.  I do have one question though. When I try to properly use the
delegates for the NSTableview using
[BaseType (typeof (NSControl), Delegates=new string [] { "Delegate" },
Events=new Type [] { typeof (NSTableViewDelegate)})]
I cannot build I get the following error .
"Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: Exception of type 'System.Exception'
was thrown.
  at Generator.GetEventArgName (System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi) [0x000c1]
in /Projects/maccore/src/generator.cs:1966
  at Generator.Generate (System.Type type) [0x01333] in
  at Generator.Go () [0x00769] in /Projects/maccore/src/generator.cs:975
  at BindingTouch.Main (System.String[] args) [0x006bc] in
make: *** [generated_sources] Error 1"

For the time being that part is commented out. If anyone could help me fix
that, It would be greatly appreciated.

public enum NSTableViewColumnAutoresizingStyle {
None = 0,
 public enum NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyle {
None = -1,
Regular = 0,
SourceList = 1
 public enum NSTableViewDraggingDestinationFeedbackStyle {
None = -1,
Regular = 0,
SourceList = 1
 public enum NSTableViewDropOperation {
public enum NSTableColumnResizingMask{
None = -1,
Autoresizing = ( 1 << 0 ),
UserResizingMask = ( 1 << 1 )
public enum NSTableViewGridStyleMask{
None = 0,
SolidVerticalLine   = 1 << 0,
SolidHorizontalLine = 1 << 1

[BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]
interface NSTableColumn {
[Export ("initWithIdentifier:")]
   IntPtr Constructor (NSObject identifier);

[Export ("dataCellForRow:")]
NSCell DataCellForRow (int row);

[Export ("sizeToFit")]
void SizeToFit ();

//Detected properties
[Export ("identifier")]
NSObject Identifier { get; set; }

[Export ("tableView")]
NSTableView TableView { get; set; }

[Export ("width")]
float Width { get; set; }

[Export ("minWidth")]
float MinWidth { get; set; }

[Export ("maxWidth")]
float MaxWidth { get; set; }

[Export ("headerCell")]
NSCell HeaderCell { get; set; }

[Export ("dataCell")]
NSCell DataCell { get; set; }

[Export ("editable")]
bool Editable { [Bind ("isEditable")]get; set; }

//[Export ("sortDescriptorPrototype")]
//NSSortDescriptor SortDescriptorPrototype { get; set; }

[Export ("resizingMask")]
NSTableColumnResizingMask ResizingMask { get; set; }

[Export ("headerToolTip")]
string HeaderToolTip { get; set; }

[Export ("hidden")]
bool Hidden { [Bind ("isHidden")]get; set; }

 [BaseType (typeof (NSControl))]
//, Delegates=new string [] { "Delegate" }, Events=new Type [] { typeof
interface NSTableView {
[Export ("noteHeightOfRowsWithIndexesChanged:")]
void NoteHeightOfRowsWithIndexesChanged (NSIndexSet indexSet );

[Export ("tableColumns")]
NSTableColumn[] TableColumns ();

[Export ("numberOfColumns")]
int ColumnCount ();

[Export ("numberOfRows")]
int RowCount ();

[Export ("addTableColumn:")]
void AddColumn (NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("removeTableColumn:")]
void RemoveColumn (NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("moveColumn:toColumn:")]
void MoveColumn (int oldIndex, int newIndex);

[Export ("columnWithIdentifier:")]
int FindColumn (NSObject identifier);

[Export ("tableColumnWithIdentifier:")]
NSTableColumn FindTableColumn (NSObject identifier);

[Export ("tile")]
void Tile ();

[Export ("sizeToFit")]
void SizeToFit ();

[Export ("sizeLastColumnToFit")]
void SizeLastColumnToFit ();

[Export ("scrollRowToVisible:")]
void ScrollRowToVisible (int row);

[Export ("scrollColumnToVisible:")]
void ScrollColumnToVisible (int column);

[Export ("reloadData")]
void ReloadData ();

[Export ("noteNumberOfRowsChanged")]
void NoteNumberOfRowsChanged ();

[Export ("reloadDataForRowIndexes:columnIndexes:")]
void ReloadData (NSIndexSet rowIndexes, NSIndexSet columnIndexes );

[Export ("editedColumn")]
int EditedColumn { get; }

[Export ("editedRow")]
int EditedRow { get; }

[Export ("clickedColumn")]
int ClickedColumn { get; }

[Export ("clickedRow")]
int ClickedRow { get; }

[Export ("setIndicatorImage:inTableColumn:")]
void SetIndicatorImage (NSImage anImage, NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("indicatorImageInTableColumn:")]
NSImage GetIndicatorImage (NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("canDragRowsWithIndexes:atPoint:")]
bool CanDragRows (NSIndexSet rowIndexes, PointF mouseDownPoint );
 // FIXME: binding, NSPointPointer
//[Export ("dragImageForRowsWithIndexes:tableColumns:event:offset:")]
//NSImage DragImageForRowsWithIndexestableColumnseventoffset (NSIndexSet
dragRows, NSArray tableColumns, NSEvent dragEvent, NSPointPointer
dragImageOffset );

[Export ("setDraggingSourceOperationMask:forLocal:")]
void SetDraggingSourceOperationMask (NSDragOperation mask, bool isLocal );

[Export ("setDropRow:dropOperation:")]
void SetDropRowDropOperation (int row, NSTableViewDropOperation

[Export ("selectAll:")]
void SelectAll (NSObject sender);

[Export ("deselectAll:")]
void DeselectAll (NSObject sender);

[Export ("selectColumnIndexes:byExtendingSelection:")]
void SelectColumns (NSIndexSet indexes, bool extend );

[Export ("selectRowIndexes:byExtendingSelection:")]
void SelectRows (NSIndexSet indexes, bool extend );

[Export ("selectedColumnIndexes")]
NSIndexSet SelectedColumns ();

[Export ("selectedRowIndexes")]
NSIndexSet SelectedRows ();

[Export ("deselectColumn:")]
void DeselectColumn (int column);

[Export ("deselectRow:")]
void DeselectRow (int row);

[Export ("selectedColumn")]
int SelectedColumn { get; }

[Export ("selectedRow")]
int SelectedRow { get; }

[Export ("isColumnSelected:")]
bool IsColumnSelected (int column);

[Export ("isRowSelected:")]
bool IsRowSelected (int row);

[Export ("numberOfSelectedColumns")]
int NumberOfSelectedColumns { get; }

[Export ("numberOfSelectedRows")]
int SelectedRowCount { get; }

[Export ("rectOfColumn:")]
RectangleF RectForColumn (int column);

[Export ("rectOfRow:")]
RectangleF RectForRow (int row);

[Export ("columnIndexesInRect:")]
NSIndexSet GetColumnIndexesInRect (RectangleF rect);

[Export ("rowsInRect:")]
NSRange RowsInRect (RectangleF rect);

[Export ("columnAtPoint:")]
int GetColumn (PointF point);

[Export ("rowAtPoint:")]
int GetRow (PointF point);

[Export ("frameOfCellAtColumn:row:")]
RectangleF GetCellFrame (int column, int row);

[Export ("preparedCellAtColumn:row:")]
NSCell GetCell (int column, int row );

[Export ("textShouldBeginEditing:")]
bool TextShouldBeginEditing (NSText textObject);

[Export ("textShouldEndEditing:")]
bool TextShouldEndEditing (NSText textObject);

[Export ("textDidBeginEditing:")]
void TextDidBeginEditing (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("textDidEndEditing:")]
void TextDidEndEditing (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("textDidChange:")]
void TextDidChange (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("shouldFocusCell:atColumn:row:")]
bool ShouldFocusCell (NSCell cell, int column, int row );

[Export ("performClickOnCellAtColumn:row:")]
void PerformClick (int column, int row );

[Export ("editColumn:row:withEvent:select:")]
void EditColumn (int column, int row, NSEvent theEvent, bool select);

[Export ("drawRow:clipRect:")]
void DrawRow (int row, RectangleF clipRect);

[Export ("highlightSelectionInClipRect:")]
void HighlightSelection (RectangleF clipRect);

[Export ("drawGridInClipRect:")]
void DrawGrid (RectangleF clipRect);

[Export ("drawBackgroundInClipRect:")]
void DrawBackground (RectangleF clipRect );

//Detected properties
[Export ("dataSource")][NullAllowed]
NSTableViewDataSource DataSource { get; set; }
 [Export ("delegate", ArgumentSemantic.Assign)][NullAllowed]
NSObject WeakDelegate { get; set; }
 [Wrap ("WeakDelegate")][NullAllowed]
NSTableViewDelegate Delegate { get; set; }

[Export ("headerView")]
NSTableHeaderView HeaderView { get; set; }

[Export ("cornerView")]
NSView CornerView { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsColumnReordering")]
bool AllowsColumnReordering { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsColumnResizing")]
bool AllowsColumnResizing { get; set; }

[Export ("columnAutoresizingStyle")]
NSTableViewColumnAutoresizingStyle ColumnAutoresizingStyle { get; set; }

[Export ("gridStyleMask")]
NSTableViewGridStyleMask GridStyleMask { get; set; }

[Export ("intercellSpacing")]
SizeF IntercellSpacing { get; set; }

[Export ("usesAlternatingRowBackgroundColors")]
bool UsesAlternatingRowBackgroundColors { get; set; }

[Export ("backgroundColor")]
NSColor BackgroundColor { get; set; }

[Export ("gridColor")]
NSColor GridColor { get; set; }

[Export ("rowHeight")]
float RowHeight { get; set; }

[Export ("doubleAction")]
Selector DoubleAction { get; set; }

//[Export ("sortDescriptors")]
//NSSortDescriptor[] SortDescriptors { get; set; }

[Export ("highlightedTableColumn")]
NSTableColumn HighlightedTableColumn { get; set; }

[Export ("verticalMotionCanBeginDrag")]
bool VerticalMotionCanBeginDrag { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsMultipleSelection")]
bool AllowsMultipleSelection { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsEmptySelection")]
bool AllowsEmptySelection { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsColumnSelection")]
bool AllowsColumnSelection { get; set; }

[Export ("allowsTypeSelect")]
bool AllowsTypeSelect { get; set; }

[Export ("selectionHighlightStyle")]
NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyle SelectionHighlightStyle { get; set; }

[Export ("draggingDestinationFeedbackStyle")]
NSTableViewDraggingDestinationFeedbackStyle DraggingDestinationFeedbackStyle
{ get; set; }

[Export ("autosaveName")]
string AutosaveName { get; set; }

[Export ("autosaveTableColumns")]
bool AutosaveTableColumns { get; set; }

[Export ("focusedColumn")]
int FocusedColumn { get; set; }


[BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]
interface NSTableViewDelegate {
[Export ("tableView:willDispayCell:forTableColumn:row:")]
void WillDisplayCell (NSTableView tableView, NSObject cell, NSTableColumn
tableColumn, int row);

[Export ("tableView:shouldEditTableColumn:row:")] [DefaultValue (false)]
bool ShouldEditTableColumn (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn
tableColumn, int row);

[Export ("selectionShouldChangeInTableView:")] [DefaultValue (false)]
bool SelectionShouldChange (NSTableView tableView);

[Export ("tableView:shouldSelectRow:")] [DefaultValue (true)]
bool ShouldSelectRow (NSTableView tableView, int row);

[Export ("tableView:selectionIndexesForProposedSelection:")]
NSIndexSet GetSelectionIndexes (NSTableView tableView, NSIndexSet

[Export ("tableView:shouldSelectTableColumn:")] [DefaultValue (true)]
bool ShouldSelectTableColumn (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn

[Export ("tableView:mouseDownInHeaderOfTableColumn:")]
void MouseDown (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("tableView:didClickTableColumn:")]
void DidClickTableColumn (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn);

[Export ("tableView:didDragTableColumn:")]
void DidDragTableColumn (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn);
 //FIXME: Binding NSRectPointer
//[Export ("tableView:toolTipForCell:rect:tableColumn:row:mouseLocation:")]
//string TableViewtoolTipForCellrecttableColumnrowmouseLocation (NSTableView
tableView, NSCell cell, NSRectPointer rect, NSTableColumn tableColumn, int
row, PointF mouseLocation);

[Export ("tableView:heightOfRow:")]
float GetRowHeight (NSTableView tableView, int row );

[Export ("tableView:typeSelectStringForTableColumn:row:")]
string GetSelectString (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn,
int row );

[Export ("tableView:nextTypeSelectMatchFromRow:toRow:forString:")]
int GetNextTypeSelectMatch (NSTableView tableView, int startRow, int endRow,
string searchString );

[Export ("tableView:shouldTypeSelectForEvent:withCurrentSearchString:")]
bool ShouldTypeSelect (NSTableView tableView, NSEvent theEvent, string
searchString );

[Export ("tableView:shouldShowCellExpansionForTableColumn:row:")]
bool ShouldShowCellExpansion (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn
tableColumn, int row );

[Export ("tableView:shouldTrackCell:forTableColumn:row:")]
bool ShouldTrackCell (NSTableView tableView, NSCell cell, NSTableColumn
tableColumn, int row );

[Export ("tableView:dataCellForTableColumn:row:")]
NSCell GetCell (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn, int row );

[Export ("tableView:isGroupRow:")] [DefaultValue (false)]
bool IsGroupRow (NSTableView tableView, int row );

[Export ("tableView:sizeToFitWidthOfColumn:")]
float GetSizeToFitColumnWidth (NSTableView tableView, int column );

[Export ("tableView:shouldReorderColumn:toColumn:")]
bool ShouldReorder (NSTableView tableView, int columnIndex, int
newColumnIndex );

[Export ("tableViewSelectionDidChange:")]
void SelectionDidChange (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("tableViewColumnDidMove:")]
void ColumnDidMove (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("tableViewColumnDidResize:")]
void ColumnDidResize (NSNotification notification);

[Export ("tableViewSelectionIsChanging:")]
void SelectionIsChanging (NSNotification notification);


[BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]
interface NSTableViewDataSource {
[Export ("numberOfRowsInTableView:")]
int GetRowCount (NSTableView tableView);

[Export ("tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row:")]
NSObject GetObjectValue (NSTableView tableView, NSTableColumn tableColumn,
int row);

[Export ("tableView:setObjectValue:forTableColumn:row:")]
void SetObjectValue (NSTableView tableView, NSObject theObject,
NSTableColumn tableColumn, int row);

[Export ("tableView:sortDescriptorsDidChange:")]
void SortDescriptorsChanged (NSTableView tableView, NSArray oldDescriptors

[Export ("tableView:writeRowsWithIndexes:toPasteboard:")]
bool WriteRows (NSTableView tableView, NSIndexSet rowIndexes, NSPasteboard
pboard );

[Export ("tableView:validateDrop:proposedRow:proposedDropOperation:")]
NSDragOperation ValidateDrop (NSTableView tableView, NSDraggingInfo info,
int row, NSTableViewDropOperation dropOperation);

[Export ("tableView:acceptDrop:row:dropOperation:")]
bool AcceptDrop (NSTableView tableView, NSDraggingInfo info, int row,
NSTableViewDropOperation dropOperation);

NSArray FilesDropped (NSTableView tableView, NSUrl dropDestination,
NSIndexSet indexSet );

[BaseType (typeof (NSTextFieldCell))]
interface NSTableHeaderCell {
[Export ("drawSortIndicatorWithFrame:inView:ascending:priority:")]
void DrawSortIndicator (RectangleF cellFrame, NSView controlView, bool
ascending, int priority );

[Export ("sortIndicatorRectForBounds:")]
RectangleF GetSortIndicatorRect (RectangleF theRect );

 [BaseType (typeof (NSView))]
interface NSTableHeaderView {
[Export ("draggedColumn")]
int DraggedColumn { get; }

[Export ("draggedDistance")]
float DraggedDistance { get; }

[Export ("resizedColumn")]
int ResizedColumn { get; }

[Export ("headerRectOfColumn:")]
RectangleF GetHeaderRect (int column);

[Export ("columnAtPoint:")]
int GetColumn (PointF point);

//Detected properties
[Export ("tableView")]
NSTableView TableView { get; set; }

 [BaseType (typeof (NSActionCell))]
interface NSTextFieldCell {
[Export ("setUpFieldEditorAttributes:")]
NSText SetUpFieldEditorAttributes (NSText textObj);

[Export ("setWantsNotificationForMarkedText:")]
void SetWantsNotificationForMarkedText (bool flag);

//Detected properties
[Export ("backgroundColor")]
NSColor BackgroundColor { get; set; }

[Export ("drawsBackground")]
bool DrawsBackground { get; set; }

[Export ("textColor")]
NSColor TextColor { get; set; }

[Export ("bezelStyle")]
NSTextFieldBezelStyle BezelStyle { get; set; }

[Export ("placeholderString")]
string PlaceholderString { get; set; }

[Export ("placeholderAttributedString")]
NSAttributedString PlaceholderAttributedString { get; set; }

[Export ("allowedInputSourceLocales")]
NSArray AllowedInputSourceLocales { get; set; }

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