[Mono-osx] MonoMac NSAttributedString.h

Duane Wandless duane at wandless.net
Wed Apr 21 10:39:29 EDT 2010

I could not find in the bindings for these:

APPKIT_EXTERN NSString *NSFontAttributeName;                // NSFont,
default Helvetica 12
APPKIT_EXTERN NSString *NSParagraphStyleAttributeName;      //
NSParagraphStyle, default defaultParagraphStyle
APPKIT_EXTERN NSString *NSForegroundColorAttributeName;     // NSColor,
default blackColor

How should these be exposed in the bindings?  My guess is it needs to follow
the same pattern as in CTStringAttributeKey.cs with the call to
Dlfcn.GetStringConstant.  Is that correct?

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