[Mono-osx] Menu Bar for Mac OS X?

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Tue Apr 6 07:23:09 EDT 2010

Joanna Carter wrote:
> Hi Stifu
>> WinForms wasn't originally created to be cross platform, but with Mono,
>> it is
>> now technically cross platform.
> Although you might be able to create a Winforms UI that will run on OS X,
> it really isn't a cross-platform solution. It's all very well and good
> taking the easy way out and writing less code but, if the UI is not what
> your prospective customers are expecting, you aren't going to sell too
> many copies to recoup the cost of development. Or, maybe the problem is
> that you don't expect to sell too many copies of your Windows program to
> Mac users, which is why you can't be bothered spending the time and effort
> getting it right? :-)

Hi Joanna,

... Or maybe the application I'm working on was never meant to be sold, on
top of which I don't have a Mac to try it on. :)

Joanna Carter wrote:
> So, how do you get a single codebase to apply the correct theme for each
> platform it runs on without an awful lot of conditional code?
> And, how do you accommodate the different layout that Apple's HIG
> specifies? 

The "conditional code" wouldn't be in my own app, but in the WinForms
theming implementation (where it already is, actually, it just needs more
work). Sure, the result wouldn't be as good as if I handled all of the
specificities myself, but that'd be good enough.

I'm working on my app during my free time, and there is currently no
equivalent to this application on the Mac. So even if my app doesn't respect
Apple's UI guidelines or whatever, having this alien app on the Mac is, IMO,
much better than having nothing at all.
If my "customers" aren't happy with this, my code is open source, so they
can do it themselves.

Fair enough, no?
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