[Mono-osx] Menu Bar for Mac OS X?

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Hi Joanna,

On Apr 5, 2010, at 11:39 AM, Joanna Carter <cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk 
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> Hi Andrew
>> Windows developers who are looking to develop for the Mac painfree.  
>> I can
>> imagine any number of C++ and Pascal developers wanting to write  
>> for the Mac
>> (and Linux) but I cannot imagine them to want to learn Objective-C  
>> and
>> rewrite or switch to Qt from the VCL.
>> Maybe Delphi X will be like REALbasic for C++. I am optimistic.  
>> Embarcadero
>> have done an excellent job with Delphi so far!
>> I don't think a native IDE is important. I now use VirtualBox to run
>> Windows.
> Hmmm. I used to think Marc Hoffman was just a Mac fanboy when he  
> would go on about his love for the Xcode/IB IDE. Now, I find myself  
> preferring it more than either Delphi or VS. And its that annoying  
> thing with Apple products that I can't tell you what it is about  
> Xcode that I prefer, apart from that old chestnut "it just works" :-)
>> A Mac with Windows in a VM seems to be the standard setup for  
>> developers now
>> anyway
> Yes, it's surprising how many developers I stumble across that have  
> gone that way, even when they don't yet do Mac development.
>> In general, and this is what I like about Xcode, it is good if the  
>> IDE and
>> framework force the developer to pay some attention to OO design.
> After five years of designing MVP and OPF frameworks for .NET and  
> having to provide designers to help people write good OO code, I  
> really appreciate having the Xcode IDE do it all for me, so I don't  
> have to do all that groundwork again.
> BTW, did you know I have written a tutorial on Mac development,  
> especially aimed at ex-Windows developers?
Do you have a link for this available? I'm interested in reading this.

Thanks in advance,

> Joanna
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