[Mono-osx] Menu Bar for Mac OS X?

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Mon Apr 5 05:01:48 EDT 2010

Hi Elfen

> @Joanna: it sounds like you are evangelizing that Mono is bad for cross-platform development with GUI's, because it requires a huge amount of effort to make 3 different GUIs for Mac vs. Linux vs. Windows?

Not evangelising, because the word implies good news ;-)

But, certainly, it is not a simple task to create native looking applications for multiple platforms without some effort.

>  What about Java Swing (with Eclipse IDE, or NetBeans IDE)?  What about C++ Qt?  I want to use whatever will be best (and easiest) for cross-platform Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.  It sounds like you are saying that Java Swing is wayyy ahead of Mono GTK# in terms of cross-platform application development (with a GUI) for Mac OS X?  Therefore, you think I should switch to Java Swing (such as with Eclipse IDE)?

Your original question :

> Is there info on how to code the native menu bar for Mac OS X (with C# code using Mono)?  So that Windows and Linux have their style menu bar, while Mac OS X has its different style menu bar.

… was explicitly about using C# with Mono. Which is why I discussed the pros and cons of developing cross-platform apps in C# using Mono, rather than any other way.

>  If Mono doesn't have an Aqua look and feel (the way that Java Swing does), then that doesn't mean it's impossible - it just means that Mono GTK# is behind Java Swing (and also C++ Qt)?

Mono doesn't have any look and feel apart from Winforms. After all, it is a port of the Microsoft .NET frameworks, nothing more. It is up to other people to provide a means of designing UIs for Linux and OS X.

Mono mainly provides a means of writing code, in any .NET language, that will compile on any platform that supports the Mono runtime. It is not a complete cross-platform development tool.

> @Joanna: I've actually used Qt with Visual Studio on Windows and gcc make files for Linux, but...  This Stack Overflow post ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/420065/best-crossplatform-c-qt4-development-environment ) suggests Eclipse with Qt and C++?  In any event, I bet Java Swing (Eclipse) would be easier?

Qt provide their own IDE but you need to ask questions on Qt on a forum or list that is concerned with Qt, not Mono.


Joanna Carter
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