[Mono-osx] Menu Bar for Mac OS X?

Matt Emson memson.lists at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 5 04:42:59 EDT 2010

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On 5 Apr 2010, at 04:49, Elfen <pem.accounts.spam at gmail.com> wrote:

> So now I'm starting to feel like (Java Swing Eclipse) is ahead of  
> Mono, in terms of Mac OS X support - especially in terms of the GUI  
> support?

The Java port for Mac OS X is maintained and provided by Apple. Of  
course the status is more advanced. It has it's roots back on the  
NextStep years, as Next had a similar binding.

Where as Mono is developed by third parties and Mac is one of many  
platforms supported.

Winforms is not a cross platform toolkit. The clue being in the  
assembly name. It must also be noted that Winforms support is not the  
major focus of the Core Mono team anymore.

You can get a reasonable result from GTK# though. I certainly had an  
app that I compiled once and ran on Windows XP, Ubuntu, Mac OS X  
Leopard and Maemo. All platforms looked reasonable.



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