[Mono-osx] Multithreading performance on OSX

LKeene lionel.keene at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 15:55:02 EDT 2009

Has anyone noticed very poor multithreading performance on Mono + OSX? I've
been slowly zeroing in on bottlenecks in my code. I'm doing a lot of
graphics operations by writing to a buffer with multiple threads, and then
drawing via DrawImageUnscaled. This is working extremely well in Linux and
Windows, but OSX is slow to the point that it cannot be used i.e. the user
interface becomes unresponsive. I've tried it with all drawing turned of -
just worker threads writing to the buffer - and the performance is very poor
indeed, which indicates it's not a problem associated with the
graphics.DrawImageUnscaled call. For synchronization I'm using
"Interlocked.Increment(ref var)" in my worker threads, and the calling
thread waits for completion via "WaitHandle.WaitAll(...)". Are these
synchronization objects potentially the problem here?

I'd like to hear from anyone who's done multithreading on Mono + OSX. I'd
sure like to get to the bottom of this. My app is unuseable on Mac as is.

P.S. - I also posted about a gigantic bottleneck in "ReaderWriterLock"
object on OSX. Anyone else had this problem?
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