[Mono-osx] Massive(!) ReaderWriterLock bottleneck

LKeene lionel.keene at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 12:19:35 EDT 2009

Hello fellow Mono+Mac coders.

I've had a couple of posts in the MacOS section of the Mono forum inquiring
about any known bottlenecks in Mono on OSX. This was due to some strange
behavior my WinForms app was delivering when running on Mac, whereas on
Windows and Linux all was well. I've finally tracked down the source and it
seems to be Mono's implementation of the ReaderWriterLock class. I'm using
an asynchronous strategy to read/process binary files...essentially I have
one thread reading chunks from the disk and then passing it off to a cluster
of worker threads that process the data. While the worker threads process
the data, the read thread goes ahead and reads the next chunk, etc. I use
the ReaderWriterLock to synchronize the operation.

This method is working very well on Windows and Linux i.e. I am able to
completely hide the processing time "inside" the latency of the read
operation on my Core i7. To process my entire binary test file takes approx.
0.4 seconds on Win/Linux. The problem arises when running the same app on
Mac. The time goes from 0.4 sec to 12+ seconds. After looking everywhere
else for the bottleneck, out of desperation I dropped the number of worker
threads to 1 (now using 1 read thread and 1 worker thread, same
synchronization). The execution time on Win/Linux remains very similar
(around 0.4 secs) but the execution time on Mac drops from 12 secs to 0.5
secs. Increasing the number of worker threads to 7 bumps up the execution
time to 12+ seconds again.

I don't know what is causing this, but for now I would recommend anyone
trying to use the ReaderWriterLock class to consider "rolling their own" via
synchronization primitives.

Anyone else see this behavior?

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