[Mono-osx] [ANN] Monobjc 2.0.413.0 Released

Laurent Etiemble laurent.etiemble at monobjc.net
Tue Sep 1 05:37:24 EDT 2009


I am proud to announce that a new release of Monobjc bridge is
available (http://www.monobjc.net/). The Monobjc bridge provides the
necessary tools to develop and run .NET applications (written in C#,
VB.NET, etc.) that interact with Objective-C frameworks and libraries
under Mac OS X. Existing Objective-C classes can be used in .NET code
in an almost transparent manner.

In the 2.0.413.0 release:
- Fix exception reporting (signal interception is optional)
- Add a TRACE level for very-very-very-low-level tracing
- Optimize NAnt tasks to check up-to-date files or folders
- Fix a crash issue when using ISynchronizeInvoke under heavy cross-thread load

Downloads: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=downloads
Tutorials : http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=tutorials
Samples: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=sample-applications
Programming Guide: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=programming-guide

Feedback, remarks and donations are welcomed !!!

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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