[Mono-osx] Requesting tool attention for OS X

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Nov 28 13:45:21 EST 2009


> Poking around the web, I found "monodoc"
> (http://www.mono-project.com/Monodoc), but it doesn't appear to be
> available for Mac.

Correct;   The problem is that Monodoc needs an HTML rendering  
control, and none of the HTML engines available for Gtk+ have been  
made part of the Gtk+ distribution due to the complexity of building  
them.  Until that can be solved, the standard Monodoc will not be  

Another option is for someone to complete the Monodoc/Cocoa# version  
so that we can ship that by default (it has to be Cocoa# because we do  
ship that already with Mono) or it could be written against one of the  
other bindings for Cocoa, but it would have to be shipped as a  
separate tool.

> I saw someone reference "mdb" in IRC, but that's missing too.

We do not ship MDB yet, mostly because we have dropped the ball there.

For mdb to work on new OSX versions, we have to sign the executable,  
and although it is on the TODO list for the packaging team, the team  
has been busy with other things, so mdb does not yet work in a usable  
state, despite the fact that it does work.

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