[Mono-osx] Smaller Mono Mac Installers

Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at novell.com
Thu May 21 15:42:36 EDT 2009

Miguel and I have been working on making the Mono Mac installer smaller

      * Removing things you don't need
              * IKVM (it's huge)
              * Icon sets (fall back to stock GTK+)
              * some other stuff (see the cleanup script)
      * Splitting out the C headers, etc.
      * /Not/ doing a universal installer

Test installers are available now at

This does place the burden on you to know which architecture you're
using but we think that won't be too hard.

Some size comparisons:
Original (universal) installer: 97MB
New runtime installer (either arch): 56MB
New C SDK installer: 2.1MB
New universal installer (not available at the moment): 69MB

The script used to split out the C SDK and remove unwanted bits is in
svn at trunk/release/macosx/cleanup.

Please try out the new installer for your platform and let me know of
any bits missing that shouldn't be or any other relevant feedback you

Also if you have any great tips for me (like how to make the C SDK
package /depend/ on the runtime package) please let me know.


Andrew Jorgensen
Mono Packager
Novell, Inc.

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