[Mono-osx] Why not implement WPF using OpenGL on Mac OS X?

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Thu May 21 04:52:48 EDT 2009


not that i'd have the free time to get involved with that, so it's  
very easy for me to say: i like the idea <g>


On May 21, 2009, at 8:45 AM, Chuck Esterbrook wrote:

> My friends,
> An alternative to implementing WPF is to create a new GUI framework
> that could be summarized as:
> * independent (does not adhere to WinForms or WPF)
> * runs on Mono and .NET
> * runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
> * uses modern features like generics and extension methods
> * implemented in managed code as much as possible
> * community driven
> * open source
> This would not be a small feat, but there would be some savings in not
> having to replicate every idiosyncrasy of a closed source framework
> (MS WPF).
> And there are great ideas in WPF like DockPanel, bubbling events and
> so on. But there are also great ideas in AppKit, Prism/CAL, etc. We
> could use any of them.
> Also, some small subset of WinForms might be used to bootstrap this
> with basics like windows and controls, but hopefully fully
> encapsulated so that could be swapped out. This first version wouldn't
> give you 3D nirvana like playing video on a rotating cube, but most
> apps don't need such things.
> There are other questions and issues to be worked out, but I hope you
> get the general idea here. Open source projects such as MbUnit and
> NHibernate are powerful enough and popular enough to stand on their
> own. So how about an independent, cross platform, open source "NGui"
> by our community, for our community?
> -Chuck
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