[Mono-osx] Why not implement WPF using OpenGL on Mac OS X?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed May 20 13:51:36 EDT 2009


> However, what about using OpenGL? I know that OpenGL is more efficient
> and cleaner than DirectX. 

If we ever got to that point, chances are, we would use OpenGL on Linux
and MacOS.

The problem has never been that, the problem has always been the
magnitude of implementing WPF. 

> If the current Mono codebase is too entrenched in bindings to Carbon
> or 32-bit only libraries, I suggest forking the code to a new project
> based solely on Mac OS X technologies that will be 64 bit in Snow
> Leopard, such as Cocoa and OpenGL.

So you want to fork some 6 million lines of code, because Windows.Forms
contains 2,500 lines worth of Carbon code?    

> And why not jetison Windows Forms and focus on WPF implemented in
> OpenGL, the closest equivelent to DirectX on Mac and Linux? 

A full WPF implementation would probably need some 3-4 years worth of
work.    And then you have to ask yourself if it is really worth
bringing WPF to the Mac.   

But I do not want to discourage you, if you want to work on WPF for the
Mac, by all means, start writing code.   The code for Mono's WPF lives
in the Olive module.   Start sending patches.


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