[Mono-osx] MacOS bindings and MonoDevelop.

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Wed May 20 04:34:20 EDT 2009


>> agreed on Monobjc as the best choice for the base, here.
> I am still concerned about a few things about MonoObjc:
> 	* The copyrighted material from Apple included in the source.
> 	* It seems auto-generated, but the auto-generator is not public.
> 	* The bindings in a few areas are incomplete/wrong/incorrect or  
> leaky.   I was looking in particular at the CoreGraphics APIs.
> For an internal Novell project that we are doing, we needed a full  
> CoreGraphics binding.   We ended up going with a hand-wrapped API  
> for now.
> Auto-generation can lead to that.   We have tried that with some  
> APIs and we have got some mixed results in the past.
> APIs need to be curated, and without the generator public, it seems  
> difficult for an API of this size to get properly fixed and curated.

maybe that shows a naïvety on my part <g>, but i had hoped/assumed  
that if Monobjc would become the "official" library for Mono, the  
makers would make all parts of it available? has this been confirmed  
as being not the case/not possible?


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