[Mono-osx] MacOS bindings and MonoDevelop.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue May 19 10:32:02 EDT 2009


> agreed on Monobjc as the best choice for the base, here.

I am still concerned about a few things about MonoObjc:
	* The copyrighted material from Apple included in the source.
	* It seems auto-generated, but the auto-generator is not public.
	* The bindings in a few areas are incomplete/wrong/incorrect or  
leaky.   I was looking in particular at the CoreGraphics APIs.

For an internal Novell project that we are doing, we needed a full  
CoreGraphics binding.   We ended up going with a hand-wrapped API for  

Auto-generation can lead to that.   We have tried that with some APIs  
and we have got some mixed results in the past.

APIs need to be curated, and without the generator public, it seems  
difficult for an API of this size to get properly fixed and curated.


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