[Mono-osx] MacOS bindings and MonoDevelop.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue May 12 19:29:57 EDT 2009

Hello Eugene,

> struct SomeBaseObjcProxy : NSObject { // that not available in C#, but
> such inheritance work well on CLR (MS VES implementation)
>     public void AnotherMethodAvailableForDerivedStructs()
> { somePInvoke( _handle ); } // note that "_handle" is field of
> NSObject
> }

I see.    Well, like our JIT engineer Rodrigo Kumpera said, this is a
feature that we do not plan on supporting and that we reserve the right
to break (see the discussion on this list from February).

> All Objective-C methods are virtual by default in Objective-C runtime,
> so if method is redefined in derived Objective-C class there is no
> need to 'override' it in generated proxy.

The problem is that it should support this:

	class Foo : Control {
		public override bool Enable {
			get { ... };
			set { ... };

Which is not possible to do with NObjective.

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