[Mono-osx] [ANN] Continuum IDE Preview 2

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Mon May 4 00:37:08 EDT 2009

Continuum is a Cocoa IDE for Mono. Unlike most IDEs Continuum doesn't  
actually build projects. It instead relies on tools like make or nant.  
Currently Continuum supports building via make files.
Here are a couple of screenshots:

Continuum includes the following features:
* A flexible plugin based architecture.
* Auto-completion for C# code.
* Customizable regex based syntax highlighting.
* Support for showing make and gmcs build errors.
* An sqlite database containing information about the types in each  
project's assemblies and the assemblies they reference.
* Context commands which operate on the selection using the database  
such as show short form or show derived classes.
* Flexible regex based searching of single files or directories.
* Customizable scripts to change selections.
* Customizable scripts to refactor C# code.
* Basic integrated svn support.
* Basic integrated file system support.

The changes from the earlier preview include:
* (Mostly) implemented auto-complete.
* Added support for reading and writing utf16, 7-bit ASCII, rtf, html,  
word, open xml, and open document files.
* Added a Font menu for files which are not syntax hilited.
* Method names in the context menu now look better (C# aliased type  
names are used, namespaces are removed, and params/this/ref/out  
keywords are added to parameters).
* Added a directory pref to add spaces before method args.
* Added a directory pref to put curly braces on their own lines (for  
refactor commands).
* Added Convert to Hex and Convert to Decimal scripts.
* Added an "Install Command Line Tool" menu item to install a tool  
which can be used to open files in Continuum.
* Fixed searching locked files.
* Fixed styler sorting bug which sometimes causes styles to not be  
applied correctly.
* Cleaned up some problems with using sqlite from threads.
* Object databases are now about 3x smaller.

   -- Jesse

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