[Mono-osx] Control and Mac key

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Mon Mar 23 12:35:35 EDT 2009

boruar wrote:

Surely the Mac keyboard is an abstract concept that Mono doesn't need to 
know about? WinForms might be hard coded, but if you were to use one of 
the Cocoa bridges, this would be a complete non issue. I think GTK# 
works too.

 From memory, I thought that the Control key (Apple key, or as you say 
here "Mac" key) behaved properly last time I tried it in WinForms. As 
far as I'm aware, a Mac keyboard maps the virtual key codes in OS X in 
reverse if you plug in a non Mac Keyboard (so that the key captions are 
correct.) That way the Option key ("Alt" or "Pretzel" on Mac, "Windows" 
on PC) and Command ("Apple" on a Mac, "Alt" on PC) were the right way 
round. I could be wrong though. I know that Parallels puts them the 
Windows way round which totally screws with my head. If not, you can 
force that to happen in the Keyboard section of the settings.

> In Mac, the mac key is used as the control key in windows, and control key is
> used to show the context menu (ctrl + left click). If we make an application
> that run in both systems, how can we control this different behavior easily?
> Are there any way to do that or do we have to control it manually?
> Thanks
>       Borja

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