[Mono-osx] Copy & Paste Issue in WinForms

Ryan Russell rrussell at franticfilms.com
Fri Mar 20 11:41:12 EDT 2009

It seems that the clipboard in a WinForms application on OSX is limited 
to the application itself. For example, I don't seem to have any 
problems copying text from one text box and pasting it to another in the 
same app. However, I can't copy out of TextEdit or the terminal and 
paste into my app, or vice versa. I'm using Mono 2.4 RC3 on an Intel Mac 
running 10.5.6.

I took a look through the Mono code and it appears that Mono is creating 
a reference to the primary clipboard and an application clipboard, but 
in all cases it only uses the application clipboard. Is there a reason 
why the primary clipboard isn't used, or is this a bug?

I don't have this problem on Linux...

- Ryan

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