[Mono-osx] Mono 2.4.2 installation steps.

Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at novell.com
Fri Jun 26 13:24:40 EDT 2009

1) The 1.0 profile VB does seem to be missing from the mac installer.  I will try to fix that before we release.  Are you sure you need the 1.0 profile assembly?
2, 3) Geoff seems to have answered your questions.
>>> Geoff Norton <gnorton at novell.com> 6/26/2009 10:02 AM >>> 

On 26-Jun-09, at 11:59 AM, iamphi wrote:

> Hello list,
> I have tried the installer for Mono 2.4.2 preview 2, and RC 1 dmg and
> encounter problems with both releases.  The problems are:
> 1) Microsoft.VisualBasic is not included.  I resolved this issue by  
> copying
> the library from my Mono 2.4


   Can you look into this.

> 2) glib is not included.  The solution provide by Andrew Jorgensen  
> from
> Novell was to install the CSDK package found here:
> http://mono.ximian.com/monobuild/preview/archive/2.4.2/macos-10-x86/

glib certainly is included, mono wouldn't run without it.  The  
development headers are not included by default, which is why you need  
the SDK.

> 3) I had execute 'pkg-config mono.pc' myself.  I don't know if this  
> is a
> standard step or not.  I don't have much experience with pkg- 
> configure.   I
> am using pkg-config packaged with mono.

This does absolutely nothing.

> I encountered these problems because I need MS.VB and to embed  
> mono.  So is
> Mono 2.4.2 going to be distributed differently from 2.4 with all the  
> 'fluff'
> removed?

If you want to embed, you'll need the CSDK to do your development.


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