[Mono-osx] [ANN] Continuum 0.5 - a cocoa ide for mono

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 22 19:46:55 EDT 2009

Continuum is a Cocoa IDE for Mono. Unlike most IDEs Continuum doesn't  
actually build projects. It instead relies on tools like make or nant.  
Here are a couple of screenshots:

Continuum can be downloaded from:

Continuum includes the following features:
* Auto-completion for C# code.
* Builds using make or nant.
* Customizable regex based syntax highlighting.
* Support for showing make and gmcs build errors.
* An sqlite database containing information about the types in each  
project's assemblies and the assemblies they reference.
* Context commands which operate on the selection using the database  
such as show short form or show derived classes.
* Flexible regex based searching of single files or directories.
* Customizable scripts to change selections.
* Customizable scripts to refactor C# code.
* Support for disassembling assemblies, types, and methods.
* Time Machine integration.
* Basic integrated svn support.
* Basic integrated file system support.

The changes from 0.4 include:
* Added support for building via nant.
* Added support for disassembling assemblies. You can dissasemble  
entire assemblies by opening them using the Open command or  
disassemble a type/methid using the context menu. Note that the  
disassembly is much nicer than monodis. Among other things it is color  
coded, nests exception handlers, and includes the source file in  
comments (if the assembly has an mdb file).
* Added Open as Binary command.
* Added support for viewing files in Time Machine. This is done by  
choosing Find in Time Machine using the context menu which will open  
the latest version of the file from Time Machine. Older versions can  
also be opened using the context menu on the files from within Time  
* Added a Save To command.
* Added a text document info window which allows line ending, format,  
encoding, and language to be viewed and changed.
* Text files can now be optionally word wrapped.
* Added support for decoding utf-32.
* Added a Reverse Lines script.
* Added a Look Up in Dictionary command (which will use Wikipedia as  
well as the built-in dictionary).
* Added support for styling the m4 and css languages.
* Added svn cat to the context menu.
* Improved the directory window:
    - It's now a lot more efficient for very large directory trees.
    - Directories are no longer collapsed when an item underneath them  
    - The selection is managed a lot better as the directories change.
    - Assemblies now default to being drawn in red.
* Improved auto-complete:
    - Fixed two crashes for files with no using directives.
    - The right members are now shown if System.Enum is being  
completed (as opposed to an enum type).
    - Auto-completing the base keyword will now show protected members.
    - Fixed completion for var variables which use as expressions.
    - Improved auto-complete chaining for methods which return arrays.
    - Events now auto-complete.
    - Double tab now completes "new xxx" where xxx is the stem of an  
aliased type.
    - Auto-completion inside nested classes wasn't finding locals and  
    - Auto-complete was not finding nested class names.
* Improved show short form:
    - Enums are now special cased so they look a lot nicer.
    - Attributes are now included for types and members.
    - Operators now have their own section.
    - Moved static members to the end.
    - Types which are both asbtract and sealed are now shown as static.
* Improved the Open Selection command:
    - It will now popup a dialog allowing you to select the paths you  
want to open if there are more than two possibilities (instead of  
opening up to ten and beeping if there are more than ten).
    - The text is now trimmed before the command tries to open it.
    - Try to open files before urls (we didn't always get errors when  
trying to open bogus urls).
    - It now does a better job finding files with the locate command  
when some of the files it returns no longer exist.
* Rewrote the language element styler so that it's more responsive and  
* Miscellaneous bug fixes (see the CHANGES file for more details).

   -- Jesse

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