[Mono-osx] License question

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Thu Jul 30 15:43:54 EDT 2009

On 30-Jul-09, at 3:39 PM, Poor Angus wrote:

> I know this must be documented somewhere, but I'm going crazy trying  
> to
> locate a definitive answer.. so please don't be too hard on me.
> I'm simply wondering what the legalities are behind distributing a  
> piece of
> commercial software, in binary-only, which is the result of a .NET  
> project
> being compiled on PC (by MS compilers), then packaged with Mono for
> distribution to OSX users.
> Since the resultant executable would contain both Mono and Microsoft  
> code, I
> can't help but wonder if this is allowed. If so, what kind of  
> acknowledgment
> am I required to give either party?

Why would is contain any microsoft code?  You're just using their  
compiler.  In this case you're just bound by the licenses that mono  
falls under.



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