[Mono-osx] Getting Mono to work with Apache in Mac OS X Leopard

eto curtis.wensley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 11:02:13 EDT 2009

I've been using mod_mono sweetness on OSX using the built-in apache server
for over a year now.  I really wish they'd just compile mod_mono with the
osx binaries..  I've tried to get fastcgi working to no avail.. though I
hear that fastcgi doesn't work well on apache even on linux.. *shrug*

There's many issues getting a mod_mono running with the built-in os x apache
server in leopard.  First, leopard has 64-bit apache where the mono binaries
are 32-bit.  Second, is that the latest mod_mono now requires glib, where it
did not before (My working copy of mod_mono was woefully out of date but I
was happy). 

Anyway, after much trials and tribulations, I've been able to build &
install the latest mod_mono and use the packaged mono .dmg's (for
easy upgrades) using these steps:

1) Ensure you have the standard mono os x binaries installed (I am currently
1) Install MacPorts
2) Edit /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf and add (or change) this line

universal_archs i386 x86_64

Note: If you already have macports installed without this, you'll have to
re-install all related ports.

3) Edit /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf and add:


2) Install glib2 and libtool in MacPorts:

sudo port install glib2 libtool

4) download (latest) mod_mono source or check out from svn
5) modify src/mod_mono.c and comment out this line (if it exists) as it
borks on leopard:

// sigaddset (&sigset, SIGPWR);

6) Then time to build & install mod_mono:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig" CFLAGS="-m64" ./configure
sudo make install

7) add these lines to your /etc/apache2/httpd.conf:

Include /etc/apache2/mod_mono.conf

c'est voila!

wharrell wrote:
> Okay, I'm not sure if mono is even capable of doing this or not but I'm
> going to ask.  I've work with PHP for awhile and I'm spoiled.  OS X comes
> with PHP pre-installed all you have to do is turn it on.  I need to learn
> ASP.NET so I have to get this running now.  I've tried working with these
> instructions,
> http://mono-project.com/Mod_mono
> but after download packages and trying to configure each of them they
> always say I'm missing a variety of different things and it seemingly is
> just spinning in circles.  SO, HELP!!!!
> If anyone can provide me with a step-by-step instructional to install and
> run mono on my mac so that I can begin testing my .aspx pages I would much
> appreciate it.
> Thanks

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