[Mono-osx] WinForms + WebKit + Mac OS X

Alex Shulgin shulz at yessoftware.com
Tue Jan 20 08:58:53 EST 2009


I'm trying to use WebKit in a C# WinForms application running on Mac OS 
X and I have problems.

Currently, I'm able to put WebKit control on System.Windows.Forms.Form 
instance, but it has rendering problems: the WebKit is overdrawn by the 
form background.  It might have other event-related issues--not sure 

Other approach was to create a native Carbon window using HIWindowCreate 
and put WebKit there.  This works for WebKit, but not for WinForms 
controls: e.g., a Button added to such native window is painted, but 
doesn't respond to events (click, etc.)

I _need_ both WinForms controls and WebKit[1] in one window.  What I'm 
missing and what are the odds that this could be accomplished?

More related details:

The WinForms application is a sample with the only bare Form generated 
in Visual Studio.

I'm using WebInitForCarbon() + HIWebViewCreate() to get a raw HIView 
pointer.  I'm using Monobjc to wrap the native handle into WebView class 
and load a simple request--this part works w/o a problem.

Any help and suggestions are very much appreciated. :)


[1] Preferrably, but any other decent browser engine (like Gecko) will 
do the trick.

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