[Mono-osx] This call crashes mono Directory.GetDirectories("/<path>", "*");

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 16:28:32 EST 2009

On 01/22/2009 12:57 PM, d_v wrote:
> Is there a way to get output from that script?  Is that what you mean by
> "Console.app" ?
> I looked in Crash Reporter which did not show the nice message that the
> Terminal did.  It had way too much information.  Is that what you mean?
> I looked in Console Messages but it did not show the crash and output from
> Terminal.

Well, when I run Mono applications using .app bundles, I always can see 
command line output in Console.app.  I don't know if it should show 
output in your situation.  I would recommend that you update your shell 
script to redirect output somewhere useful to you.  For example:

mono --debug myapp.exe &> ~/Desktop/myapp.log

Then you can just check myapp.log when you have a crash or bug or whatever.

Hope this helps,

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