[Mono-osx] ConfigurationErrorsException loading user settings (duplicate key)

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 04:43:42 EST 2009

d_v wrote:
> Hi and thanks Matt.
> I am using a "config" file called: <MyUploader_App>.exe.config in my Windows
> Form Application .exe root path.   
> It is created automagically by VS 2005.NET.
> I experienced the errors on Mon0 2.2_5 (latest) version on Mac OS X 10.5.6
VS 2005 wants you to use the automatic Class/config file mapping 
mechanism that MS.Net2.0 pushes, but I'd suggest using the simpler 
<appSettings> functionality. It's less opaque and simpler to get going 
and should work on all platforms that support .Net 1.x onwards. See my 
eariler email for the details.


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