[Mono-osx] Objective-C and Mono's GC

Martin Smith martin.smith.jr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 15:10:32 EST 2009


We are working on an application where we're embedding Mono in an
Objective-C application.  One of the issues that we're seeing is that if the
GC does not "see" pointers that are stored in Objective-C objects.  The side
effect is that when we run our applications, the Obj-C objects will have
instance variables that will eventually raise a SIGSEV
(NullReferenceException) whenever the garbage collector runs.

Does anyone else have experience with this problem?  I know one of the
things we could probably do is maintain a data structure that stores all the
"live" mono pointers and then write smart pointer classes that explicitly
maintained ref counts on these objects, but I'm wondering if there's an
easier way.

Thanks in advance,
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