[Mono-osx] Delphi Prism and all those Cocoa bridges

Tomasz Muszynski thom at union.waw.pl
Fri Feb 27 08:03:10 EST 2009

Wiadomość napisana w dniu 2009-02-27, o godz. 12:40, przez Andrew Brehm:
> It's a Mac mentality these days. NeXT solved the problem with the  
> bundles
> concept. It's still a whole bunch of files, but it looks like one  
> file and
> can easily be copied (and installed by simply copying).

Not always. Sometimes, You have installers on mac :)

> I don't know how Linux wants its programs to be delivered  
> (installer? RPM?
> ?) but I guess the Windows installer should install, into the  
> program files
> directory a bundle.app containing everything needed to run the  
> program on
> Windows and Mac OS X, and create a shortcut for the program menu.  
> The root
> directory of the bundle should also contain a shortcut creator for  
> Windows.
> The Apple version should be distributed as a bundle.

Mac bundle can also contain Mono distro, without need to install Mono  
by user. On Windows side You rather have Microsoft .Net already  

> This has the advantage of two versions for two platforms that both  
> behave
> completely native, but are still interchangeable. I can copy the  
> installed
> Windows version onto a Mac and it will be a bundle (because it is).  
> And I
> can copy the Mac version (or installed Windows version) to a Windows
> computer's program files folder and run the shortcut creator and  
> have a
> working Windows version again.

The, question is - for what? Why You need to copy application between  
Mac and Windows without change? Data files should be interchangable,  
but not data (even if it's Mono). Ofcourse, it can be done, but app  
will take more place to have platform specific things (which I wrote  
above about them) and gives user nothing special.

> Does anybody know how Linux should best be supported in this way?

Linux is quite problematic, because every distribution uses different  
package format (deb, rpm, tar). There is possibility to make bash  
commands that will install on most linuxes, but same way You can make  
various packages.


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