[Mono-osx] A very basic question-- running Win .net exe on Mac OS X w/ Mono

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Thu Feb 26 05:39:00 EST 2009


> Stifu a écrit :
>> What? Yes, yes you can.
>> You can use Mono libraries if you want to, but you don't have to.
>> My own app uses nothing but MS .NET classes, nothing Mono-specific,  
>> has been
>> compiled on Windows with the .NET compiler, and runs fine with Mono  
>> on
>> Linux, with no modification.
> Then it is obviously I who doesn't understand Mono :-)

i'm afraid Stifu is right. in an ideal case, building an app from  
source on/against Mono vs .NET should yield the exact same binary, and  
thus, a binary build on one platform will run on the other. it's  
really only when you use (purposely or accidentally) stuff that  
doesn't exist on the other platform, that things fail (and that's the  
"only' thing that linking against the "right" platform will gain you).

i've had several occasions where people sent me small demo apps  
written in .NET and they ran just fine with "mono AppName.exe".

obviously any *serious* app will sooner or later touch the boundaries  
of what works on both platforms, so its always good practice, imho, to  
build and test against both Mono and .NET, if cross-platform is  
something to care about.


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