[Mono-osx] [PREVIEW] Continuum 0.2 - a native OS-X IDE for Mono

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 26 03:56:44 EST 2009

I've uploaded a preview of the Continuum IDE binary to
<http://code.google.com/p/continuum-ide/>. It should work on both PPC  
and Intel (thanks to help from Duane Wandless) with OS 10.5 and Mono  
2.2 or later. Here are a couple of screen shots:

It is a preview and not a formal release so there are still some rough  
edges and a few features I'd like to get in before a real release. But  
I think it is definitely useable and much nicer for C# work than XCode  
or BBEdit. Not sure about MonoDevelop since I have never been able to  
get it to work on my PPC Mac.

Here's a partial feature list:

     * A flexible plugin based architecture.
     * Customizable regex based syntax highlighting.
     * Support for showing make and gmcs build errors.
     * An sqlite database containing information about the types in  
each project's assemblies and the assemblies they reference.
     * Context commands which operate on the selection using the  
database such as show short form or show derived classes.
     * Flexible regex based searching of single files or directories.
     * Customizable scripts to change selections.
     * Customizable scripts to refactor C# code.
     * Basic integrated svn support.
     * Basic integrated file system support.

   -- Jesse

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