[Mono-osx] 3 cross-platform questions

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Thu Feb 26 03:15:26 EST 2009

Mac Programmer a écrit :

> Dependence on a .nib file troubles me. I don't like that it's not  
> human readable

Actually, the new XIB file format is human-readable XML, although 
human-understandable is not as easy :-)

> One of the more interesting aspects of Prism is that it's apparently  
> able to read .nib files in order to auto-generate the partial design  
> class each time you modify the .nib in IB. That strikes me as a  
> fairly impressive feat.

Having examined the XIB format, I would agree that someone obviously 
needs a medal :-)

> I appreciate that a .nib contains serialized objects and is not a  
> representation of the UI the way, say, a Delphi .dfm file is, but it  
> seems kind of archaic. I wonder if it's really just a throw-back to  
> some ancient time when computers were much slower than today.

But, Delphi .dfm and VS .designer files are really serializations of the 
form, it's just that they use a more "coder-friendly" format. After all, 
  if you have a visual designer, why would you want to read the 
underlying data? Sounds to me like you don't trust the developers of the 
designer ;-)

> I like having something other than just the visual part to look at.  
> Code is fine, as is a .dfm file or something like that. One of  
> my .dfm files is 6,000 single-spaced lines, but I can open it with a  
> text editor and read it like a novel.

So, you are designing a visual UI - why do you need to see the code? 
Unless you are hooked on writing business logic in the UI..... <g>


Joanna Carter
Carter Consulting

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