[Mono-osx] Delphi Prism and all those Cocoa bridges

Joanna Carter cocoasharp at carterconsulting.org.uk
Wed Feb 25 08:59:51 EST 2009

Andrew Brehm a écrit :

> I thought Delphi would bring a few Delphi-specific classes, like Visual
> Basic.

What classes were you expecting? Don't forget that Delphi Prism is 
mainly a compiler and doesn't include anything like the VCL; instead it 
uses the FCL and any other .NET components that are available.

>>> I don't like MonoDevelop on Mac OS X.
>> it's not perfect, no. ideally, i'd like to have Prism in Xcode, which  
>> i love (and actually prefer over VS).
> That would be awesome, yes.

Certainly, the best possible option would be to be able to use a .NET 
compiler in XCode, but that would also have to include both code 
insight/completion and debugging. That is the biggest shortfall in 
Delphi Prism or, come to that any, Mono IDE.


Joanna Carter
Carter Consulting

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