[Mono-osx] Is native look on OS X possible?

pablosantosluac at terra.es pablosantosluac at terra.es
Wed Feb 11 16:55:44 EST 2009

> Unfortunately, the Mono frameworks include WinForms UI technology, which 
> is far from cross-platform; it is firmly rooted in Windows for its 
> appearance.

Don't tell me that...


> Unfortunately, creating a UI is another matter and, as good as Mono is 
> for non-visual programming, it does not contain a valid UI building 
> solution that will work for all platforms; for that we still have to use 
> "native" tools for each platform if we are to get the expected user 
> experience.
Yes folks, you're all asking for Qt + Mono, which is already there, but 
needs to be spread and to have good documentation and a proper website 

Qt + Mono is probably the killer combination we're all looking for... 
Native look and feel + one of the strongest languages/platforms out 
there.... Yes, I know, it would be great... Were do we start?

And, of course, I forgot something... debugger, debugger, debugger, a 
debugger on every platform... Only two "small" things to make Mono shine 
brighter than ever... :-)

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