[Mono-osx] Is native look on OS X possible?

Iain Collins mono-osx at iaincollins.com
Wed Feb 11 07:36:43 EST 2009

On 11 Feb 2009, at 09:22, Joanna Carter wrote:
> Now all we have to do, to get our application to run as a native Mac
> app, is to write a small hierarchy of generic "Interactor" classes for
> the different types of controls, design the forms in Interface  
> Builder,
> and use Delphi Prism to link the C# business classes to an authentic
> Cocoa UI experience.

When I first saw mention of Delphi in this this thread I thought  
"That's crazy, why is someone going off topic and mentioning  
Delphi?" (and I think I wasn't alone in thinking that :-) but looking  
at Delphi Prism it makes more more sense.

I wonder if you - or another user of Prism -  could clarify a few  
things about how you use it in practice for Mono/Mac OS X development  
- these questions sound a bit like shill marketing questions for  
Delphi Prism but I'm genuinely interested to know more about it if it  
can stream line my cross platform Mono development, and I figure  
others might be too.

- Do you use Delphi Prism to develop all your Mono applications in, or  
just when it comes to building/rolling out Mac OS X versions?

- Do you think it offers a particularly well integrated solution for  
Mono/Mac OS X development?

For example, I have used a range of IDE's and editors from Visual  
Studio in VMware, to Eclipse and TextMate on Mac OS X.  Can you really  
do everything in just Delphi Prism (& Interface Builder), or do you  
still end up having to do a bit of fudging to glue things together?

- Lastly, it looks like Prisim is 'just' a nicely packaged up set of  
free tools (such as Mono) and a compiler in a Visual Studio shell.  
This isn't a necessarily a bad thing, it's not that expensive for a  
professional licenses and I could see it saving a lot of time and  
effort - and making things easy for developers who are not already  
familiar with Mono or Mac development to work on .NET/Mono projects.

Do you feel there is a significant benefit to using Prism over using  
existing free tools (e.g. like Mono Develop)? If there are particular  
features you like I'd be really interested to hear about them.


Iain Collins

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